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, Results The rate of survival in 5 years for the patients operated prematurely was of 89 +/-3 % and of

, +/-4 % in medical treatment (p < 0.001). The survival adjusted on age

, In multivariate analysis, m/sec was best in operated group, p.0

, 026) were independent predictors of all causes of mortality. Cardiovascular mortality was significantly higher in the medical treatment group, p.0

, 001), were independents factors of cardiovascular mortality. The probability of surgery in medical treatment group was 19 +/-2 % at one year and 56 +/-4 % at five years, EuroSCORE II, vol.001, p.0

, RESUME Rétrécissement aortique serré asymptomatique à FEVG conservée et bas risque opératoire : chirurgie précoce versus suivi médical attentif