, Comparer les impacts de ces deux projets permettra de donner un éclairage sur les conditions facilitant une approche du droit adaptée à des élèves de cycle 3 dans le cadre scolaire. Summary : Law is a complex discipline, particularly pregnant in the French society, but with difficulty understandable for many adults. An acculturation at this discipline young could promote it understanding and consequently share in student citizenship education. However, a question arises : is such ambition suited to this age group ? Two experiments of different nature and scale have been put in place in order to measure the level of familiarization feasible with cycle 3 students. Firstly, it took the project « Class Justice and Law », involving many class of REP and REP+, during the school year 2018/2019. Secondly, the experiment consisted of measure the impact of a sequence children's rights associated with an election of delegates, 2018.

, Justice -droit -citoyenneté -droits de l'enfant -cycle 3. Keywords : Justice -law -citizenship -children's rights -cycle 3