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DUMAS (Dépôt Universitaire de Mémoires Après Soutenance/University Post-Viva Dissertation Deposit) is an open archive portal compiling the board-approved works of graduate students, regardless of the discipline. It also includes some more specific undergraduate works pertaining to research orientation within the paramedical field. The DUMAS portal is hosted by HAL.

1. Archive objectives & contents

DUMAS forms part of an international movement towards open access data. Deposits made on the platform should first and foremost increase the visibility and availability of the students' works. Through their educational aspect and the help they can provide in choosing higher education establishments, DUMAS will enhance their institutional value.

2. Deposit terms & conditions

DUMAS is not automatically archived. The dissertation will be deposited after it is presented at the viva, under the responsibility of document resource specialists or teachers willing to highlight their students' works. The students have to agree to an open access policy (provided no confidential or copyright-infringing data is published) and fill out a form they will give to the person in charge of the deposit. For any first deposit from your establishment, please fill out a registration form and send it to DUMAS' administrator.

The document's intellectual property is and will stay the author's/authors'. The same good judgment should apply as for printed sources. Users are expected to respect original works, quotation rules, etc. They will abstain from intellectual property theft.

3. Research terms & conditions

DUMAS users are allowed to borrow content from the open archive to achieve educational and research ends. This includes non-profitable activities such as: illustration used in a class or a PhD viva, the making of tutorials, broadcasting on a research center's or teacher's website (as long as it is free of charge), quotation of the work (part or whole). Users agree to accurately reference any content borrowed from DUMAS, in this manner:

Author's/authors' first & last names, Dissertation's title, Master's thesis in *degree's name*, specialty (if available), under the supervision of *teacher's first & last names*, Town, Academic institution where the viva was presented, Year, number of pages. Online: deposit number - URL valid on ../../....


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